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Hi, I'm Daphne. I'm thirteen and I love words. Every week I'll be writing about cool words, so make sure you keep checking back and adding your own comments and questions. Also follow me, and avoid my cousin Ivan's math blog (http://ivansnumberblog.com), so together we can prove to Ivan that words are better than numbers!

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Plunging into summer

Today in my hot, hot school seat - I’m sorry to say this, but little drops of sweat dripped off my temples onto the desktop - I thought about jumping off a high rock and plunging into a cool pond.  Plunge!  What a great word.  To me it sounds like what it means.

Think of it.  You leap. you fly up a little way, then you plummet toward the water.  Your toes break the surface.  That’s the “pl” sound in plunge: the sound of your toes, your feet, piercing the surface of the water.  

Then comes the “unge.”  Feel how long it takes to say that.  That’s the part where you’re descending deep into the water.  Bubbles are whooshing around your ears.  You surge to your deepest point, and then, as the word plunge ends you reverse direction, and begin to bob toward the surface again.  You’re cool, you’ve been washed clean, your sweaty sticky skin is all washed clean and alive again.  You climb out, and before long, you’re ready for another plunge.